It’s New York in Texas…

February 11, 2010 at 11:30 pm (Uncategorized)

Joke of the day…

It’s snowing in Texas, but not in New York…

(yeah that’s not really a joke..I just made that up)

I think it’s hilarious because when it snows in Texas everyone on facebook post pictures of the snow…it looks exactly the same as the snow I’ve been living in for the past few months. Texas seems to appreciate it more.

Here’s my dog in Texas that my mom took.. so cute!!

Well I’m not going to be writing a whole lot this next couple weeks since its finals time. Crazy..I know..everyone else is on a semester system (lucky!)  I can’t wait till spring break…. I’m leaving this blizzard to go on a cruise (although I said I’d never go on another one due to my horrible experience from the first one) …but I’m going…I NEED sun!

I just made it through one year with my boyfriend this past Tuesday… seems unreal…I never let guys go past 2 months with me really. All my friends need to stop getting married and having children…weren’t we in kindergarten yesterday? Makes me feel like I gotta rush through life..

I’m busy trying to get another couple fundraisers started…hopefully they will be just as successful as the first one turned out to be. 🙂

I gotta go study….will update later


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The journey continues…

February 3, 2010 at 4:19 pm (Uncategorized)

As I have given my special gift, like I said, I felt like a part of me died… it was over, but it didn’t want it to be.

Turns out I’ve received e-mails to lead future student-mediated fundraisers just for my teacher. Everyone wants to pitch in so we are forming a group. My teacher wrote us all a touching letter to express her gratitude and yet we are all compelled to continue to help her. The willingness to help flows from person to person and even bigger ideas are being created.  I’ve never seen this kind of situation before where the students are forming bonds with each other and we all have this connection with this teacher who influences us in more ways than she can imagine.

So I’m excited to continue this journey, I’m excited to see where we end up.

Again thanks to all who have already help contributed to the $1300 I gave her yesterday. It means the world to me!

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The news finally revealed…

February 2, 2010 at 7:03 pm (Uncategorized)

Joke of the day!

Everyone has a photographic memory, just some don’t have film

( This joke goes along with me. I have terrible memory! Anyways the picture of the camera is here because I was going to use my camera today to take a picture during my announcement. I got my camera all charged up and realized later in the day it was turned on all morning that it died before class started. I mean really….for once can anything go as planned?)

By the way, I want one of these cameras…they take amazing pictures!!!

Ok so today is a very special day because I did something out of the ordinary that I never actually thought would happen. This teacher of mine, who I’ve grown to admire is adopting a little girl from Taiwan. This person has done more for me than you will ever know. I decided to start an adoption fund for her and I set a goal to raise a certain amount. The money almost tripled the goal that I had set so I was in complete shock by all of it. I woke up this morning knowing that today I was going to make someone happy. 3 hours before the announcement, my heart starts racing nonstop because I nervous about her reaction and nervous about what to say.

As I was talking to her I felt like I was in a blur because I couldn’t believe it was happening. Of course it turns out to be a perfect day to give her the money because she was suppose to pay a certain amount in for the adoption today and I was able to cover all of that.(I had no idea she owed any money today.) I’ll never forget the look on her face. I learned that it doesn’t take much effort to help someone especially when everyone else thinks that person is so deserving.

I also realized that helping people and doing things for others has really become an obsession of mine. The reason I know this is because I came out of the classroom after the announcement and I felt like a part of me died. I knew that my project was over. I had been  ecstatic for 2 weeks and I was literally on cloud nine. I have that need to do something because if I’m not helping people, I feel useless. So I just wonder what I’m going to embark on next…

Any ideas anyone?

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